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My husband and I were interested in ballroom dance, though were slightly intimidated as we had never tried dancing, let alone dancing together. We decided private lessons to prepare for our upcoming wedding first dance was the best choice. By simple divine intervention we were paired with Joseph Chavez. Joe not only taught us the basics of ballroom dancing, he crafted a beautiful first dance for us which impressed the room and made my mother cry in happiness. 6 months into marriage we are still receiving compliments, being compared to other first dances, and having photos and videos of our dance posted online. Additionally, my husband and I have continued to dance, competed in a local festival, and have found a new hobby that we can participate in and be challenged by, together. Joseph has been patient and frustrated with our ability and muscle memory, but continues to make us laugh and gives every bit of himself to our lessons. It is clear that he is passionate ballroom dance and with sharing dance with the whole world. Joe has become our instructor, mentor, marriage counselor, and friend. Our lessons and time on the dance floor are precious and priceless.  


-Lindsey and Evan


Joe is an excellent teacher with a real gift for individualizing instruction. Whatever dance he’s teaching, he knows how to break down the technique and steps to make it accessible for every student, no matter what level they’re at. He makes learning how to dance fun and exciting.


I've been a student of Joseph for two years. I've learned, enjoyed, and continue to learn as well as progress in my dancing. I appreciate the constructive and honest feedback. He makes the lessons fun even when breaking it down with humor,  a little of physics, mathematics and what our bodies  are capable of doing, given practice, diligence and discipline in private and group lessons. He gives me homework to practice what I need to be a better dancer and keep pushing my abilities and limits to the next level for showcases or competitions, or just to be a better social dancer on the dance floor. As a dancer, I always want to be a work in progress and that has been my experience with Joseph.


I never thought I would come to appreciate the art of dancing until I met Joseph.  Like many men, my girlfriend dragged me into taking tango dance lessons and I was skeptical about whether I would like it and how much time and money I would want to put into it.  Now, my weekly lessons with Joseph are the highlight of my week and tango has come to be my favorite hobby.  In addition to being an inspiring dancer, Joseph is truly passionate and devoted to the art of teaching - which can be rare skill in artists as good as he.  Dance no longer is the memorization of steps, but the expression of the body in space and time and the art of communication with your partner.  Joseph doesn’t merely teach dance, he teaches dancers.


Joseph puts me at ease as I tackle the intimidating challenges of Argentine Tango. He encourages me at the same time he gives me information that makes my dancing flow more smoothly. He is open minded regarding other teachers' methods and styles; he tries them for himself and his partners, analyzes them, and determines which ones are most effective. It's a pleasure to dance with and learn from this dedicated instructor.


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