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Why is dance technique not just for competitors?

In a nutshell, there are four main reasons dancers should improve their technique. The first and most apparent is a better dance performance. It helps you become a better leader and follower, which enables you to stand out on the dancefloor.

The second reason for dance technique is body preservation. It is no secret that dancers can sometimes suffer life-changing injuries. Improving your technique will help you avoid injuries. Dancing can be a life-long hobby. Using your technique keeps you from straining the body with unnecessary wear and tear.

Energy conservation is the third reason. Dancing for prolonged periods can fatigue the body, making it prone to injury. There are times I compliment my students on executing a dance move flawlessly. The most common response I hear from them is, "It felt like I didn't do anything." Having proper technique and body alignment can make your dancing feel effortless.

The fourth, and in my opinion, the most crucial reason, is taking care of your partner. Most leaders believe that more dance patterns are the secret to being a desirable dance partner. This thinking can be accurate at a very advanced skill level of dance. The truth is that ladies like to dance with men who make them feel comfortable, safe, and confident. I always say that if a woman is smiling and laughing, you are doing everything right. You are not taking care of her if she looks strained or scared. Learning proper dance techniques guarantees you will be a top-rated dance partner.

At Body's Emotion Dance, we believe dancing is not just an art. It is actually a sport with artistic qualities. That is why we spend a lot of time ensuring that you first understand your body, which is your instrument. Once you know that, you can make music with someone else on the dancefloor.

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