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Get your special someone a Gift Certificate for either Group Classes or Private Lessons.

Get 10% on all
Private Lesson Packages when you buy a Gift Certificate.
Offer Ends 12/23/2023

Are you tired of the rising price of quality ballroom dance training?

Come experience the difference.

Don't just learn dances, become a dancer!

I am the owner of Body's Emotion Dance Studio and teach at Highpoint Sports and Wellness. Choose the venue that works best for you. 


Study Ballroom, Latin, Country, Swing, and/or Argentine Tango with a Dancevision and Arthur Murray Certified Teacher. 

My studio Body's Emotion Dance and Wellness Center is great for short-term goals, hobbyist, or those wanting to give dancing a try.

For the devoted and those with serious goals, my "Train as a Dancer" program at Highpoint Sports and Wellness is best for you. I can develop you through dance instruction, personal training, nutrition coaching, or any combination that works for you. All for a cheaper rate that the other major studios in the Albuquerque area, with an included gym membership.  

DJ Set

I also offer Event DJ Services. Check the 'In-Studio Prices' tab for details. Get 15% off for your holiday parties.

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